Timetables and Returning to School

Welcome back to school!  We are so excited for you to return to school – even though school will feel and be a little different this year due to the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the end of July, we were given a framework by the Ministry of Education to ensure school can safely restart, with a learning structure that meets the needs of students as best as possible. 

To ensure that students are in cohorts of no more than 120, we are changing to a quarter system (also known as a Copernican system). In this timetable, students take two courses at a time for a quarter of the year. Most secondary schools in the province are changing to this system. Please see the bell schedule below with term dates:

OTT AM 8:00-9:00*   
AM BLOCK 9:10-11:56ABrotation
Lunch 11:56-12:41   
PM BLOCK 12:41-3:26BArotation
OTT PM 3:30-4:30*   
Quarter 1: Sept. 10 to Nov. 13QUARTER 2: Nov. 16 to Jan. 28QUARTER 3: Feb. 1 to April 16QUARTER 4: April 20-June 22
Quarter 1 Report Cards: Thurs, Nov. 19Quarter 2 Report Cards: Thurs., Feb. 4Quarter 3 Report Cards: Thurs, April 29Quarter 4 Report Cards: Thurs, June 24
Parent/Teacher Night: TBA**            Turn-Around Day: Jan. 29 Graduation: June 16**

*This is dependent on number of required instructional minutes per course.

**These dates are dependent on COVID-19 Provincial Health Office rules and regulations.

For additional information related to the Ministry of Education’s Back to School Plans, please visit their website: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/education-training/k-12/covid-19-return-to-school.

Student Schedules & Course Changes

We have reset the passwords in MyEducationBC. Students may find their usernames and passwords by accessing their school district emails. Please go to https://outlook.office.com  and login by using their regular school login followed by @student.sd83.bc.ca.ca.

If your name is John Smith and you were born in 2005, your school login is smitj05, so your login for school district emails would be smitjo5@student.sd83.bc.ca.  Your password is the usual password to access the school network. (This is how you logged into Teams while on Home Learning).  

Once you have accessed your login credentials, go to MyEducationBC. Here is the link: https://www.myeducation.gov.bc.ca/aspen/logon.do.  You can view your schedule by clicking on the schedule button on the side tab.

If you are having trouble logging in, just call the school. We will be open all week from 9:00am to 3:30pm each day. Grade 9 students who are coming to the orientation session on Tuesday may pick up their schedules at that time.

All course changes will be completed by Ms. Prince, Mrs. Lemaire, and Mr. Brown. We will be in school next week to assist with new student registration and work on course changes. 

The three of us have been working on the timetable for almost three weeks, knowing that we are changing to a quarter system (2 classes at a time for about 10 weeks).

We can only make changes to student schedules if:

  • You are not registered in your required courses.
  • You are not registered in the courses you need to graduate.
  • You have empty spots in your timetable.

If you would like to make any changes to your schedule, please email the specifics of your requests to one of us, along with a preferred phone number:

We will let you know if your requests can be accommodated, or to schedule a follow up meetingPlease do not call the school for an appointment. Please note, due to the requirements of Learning Groups, student requests may not be possible to accommodate. 

All course change requests must be emailed in by Thursday, September 3.

School Learning Structure

  1. Students and staff will be required to physically distance and to wear a mask when entering the building, in the hallway, in common spaces (i.e. student centre, library, counselling & career centre) and while on buses.  The District will supply masks, or students may bring their own.
  2. At PVSS, each grade is a cohort. If you are in split grade classes, you must maintain physical distancing and wear masks.
  3. Two classes will take place each quarter, and those classes rotate each day (see bell schedule).
  4. Morning classes will start at 9:10am.  School will end at 3:26pm. 
  5. The schedules for outside the timetable courses will be set by the teacher, and communicated to students within the first couple of weeks of school.
  6. Students will NOT be assigned lockers. Students should ensure that they only bring school supplies that will fit in their backpacks. They will keep their backpacks with them all day.
  7. Students in their cohorts will be assigned lunch areas. If students choose to go outside at lunch, that is welcomed and encouraged.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you back to school! If you have any questions or have a different educational plan for the fall, please contact the school.