October Update

Costume Day Tomorrow!

Halloween is on the weekend, but we are encouraging students and staff to wear costumes tomorrow to show their school spirit. Little treats will be available in the office if students want to come show off their apparel!

Remembrance Day

We are recognizing Remembrance Day this year in a COVID-friendly way. Our “assembly” will be on November 10 at 10:45am. The assembly will be live-streamed to classrooms, and we are involving Leadership, Senior Concert Band, Senior Jazz Band, and the Legion. Taliah Bellman will be performing “The Last Post” and “Reveille” on her trumpet, and we really want to draw attention to the fact that she is also pre-recording those songs to be played at all of the elementary schools in the district. This is very significant recognition of Taliah’s skills! Please note that November 11 is a statutory holiday and school is not in session on that day.

November 16 – “I” Day

Quarter 1 is coming to a close very quickly. Friday, November 13 is the last day of Quarter 1. We have decided to make Monday, November 16 into an “I” (incomplete) day. This is an opportunity for students who are not currently passing their Quarter 1 classes to come to school to complete assignments. CEA’s and teachers will be at school that day, but classes will not be in session. If students are done all of their work for courses or are happy with their current achievement, they do not need to come to school on November 16. Quarter 2 will begin on November 17.

Early Arrivals at School

At the beginning of the school year, we let you know that as part of our School Safety Plan, our exterior doors would remain locked until 8:45am, which is the time that our first buses arrive at the school. We are noticing that several students are arriving at the school as early as 8:00am and are asking to be let in. It is beginning to be quite chilly in the morning, so this is understandable.

If students walk to school, we ask that they plan their arrival at school no earlier than 8:45am. If students take the bus to school, the earliest they arrive would be 8:45am, so that continues to fit well with our safety plan. We do understand, however, that there are some unique circumstances. If you must drop your child off at the school before 8:45am, please call the school to arrange this early arrival. We have a space set aside in the school for students who must arrive early.


Also as part of our School Safety Plan, we made the decision not to use lockers this year. However, we are noticing that some students do need to have a locker because of all of the equipment and supplies they need for their classes. We also know that as we enter the winter season, students will have bulkier outerwear that they may wish to store for the day. We have come up with a plan to allow the use of lockers for students who feel that they require one. Students may come to the office to apply for locker use. There is a cost of $5 for locker/lock rental. Students will be assigned lockers in a locker bank that has been assigned to their cohort. The lock belongs to the school and must be returned at the end of the year.

Snack Shack

Our punch card system has been a great success! Just in case you didn’t know, students and parents can now purchase punch cards to use in the Snack Shack. The punch cards can be purchased with cash in the office or through e-transfer to pvs@sd83.bc.ca.  The Snack Shack continue to accept cash for purchases and is open every day for lunch for our students. Thank you so much to our staff members who are working hard to ensure that we have this service at our school!

Important COVID Safety Reminders

We are so impressed with how well our students are following the expectations for mask wearing in common areas, going to their classrooms first thing in the morning, and sanitizing hands on the way in the building. We notice that many students are choosing to stay outside in the mornings and at lunch so they can socialize with friends, which is such a benefit of being back at school.

We do notice, however, that we have many students coming to the office on a daily basis for disposable masks. All students were issued re-usable masks at the beginning of the school year, and many students are supplying their own masks. The use of disposable masks is a huge environmental concern, and we would appreciate it if students were sent to school with their re-usable masks every day. Thank you so much for your support!

Chelsea Prince and Patti Lemaire