Grad Fundraising

Please follow the link to our Purdy’s page:-

  1. Campaign name:  PVSS 2020/21 Grad Class Fundraiser
  2. All orders must be in by November 16 for delivery on December 2.
  3. Online sales can start right away and catalogues will be available next week. Online sales are highly encouraged, but we know that some people will want to use the catalogue. They will be available at the meeting on October 28.
  4. We have set a goal of $5,000, and about a quarter of the profits goes directly into fundraising.
  5. For every $1,000 sold we get a $250 gift card (or $250 in product/chocolates). These gift cards/product be given as a prize at the end of our campaign to students who participate with sales by way of random draw.
  6. When you follow the link to our online campaign you will be prompted to create an account starting with your email and personal information.
  7. Select “shop online” to browse products and place orders.  People can browse the catalogue, make selections and sign out and choose to go back in at a later date to pay for orders.
  8. Students will be responsible for picking up ALL orders on Dec 2nd.
  9. Due to COVID Health and Safety procedures, we can’t have the public/individuals (parents or customers) coming into the school to pick up their orders so students will have to deliver orders made through them.