Filming Day – May 28, 2020

The Graduation Ceremony video filming is on Thursday, May 28 – this is only a few days away. We wanted to send out a few additional details and reminders as we lead up to the filming day.

Mountain West will be at the school on Thursday to take a photo of you in your cap and gown before you cross the stage. Please wear clothing that will look appropriate under the gown – dress pants with nice, tidy shoes.

Come in through the main doors and check in at the table just outside the office. Each graduate will receive one ticket for one vehicle for the Drive-In. The Drive-In must keep numbers manageable, so they have asked that only immediate family members come to the event. Please take care of your ticket. Vehicles without a ticket will not be allowed inside the Drive-In. We have a limited number of additional parking spots. If you will require an additional ticket, please contact the school. We have a waiting list for families who need two vehicle spots.

The cap and gown are purchased for you as part of your grad fees, so you may take the gown with you when you leave after the filming. If you do not wish to take the gown, please feel free to leave it at the school. Please take your cap with you when you leave, and bring it to the Drive-In on June 17.

Schedule for Filming on May 28: (note that this is your arrival time at the school – be on time!)

  • 10:00am        Aiello to Crandlemire (A to C)
  • 10:30am         Daly to Gunning (D to G)
  • 11:00am         Hadland to Louie (H to L)
  • 11:30am         Marshall to Richoux (M to R)
  • 12:00pm         Sandli to Zandlvliet (S to Z)

Please note that the ceremony filming is for graduates only. We simply cannot accommodate additional people at the school while we are arranging the filming.  The Drive-In event is for families.

Thank you so much for all of your support. This will be an event to remember!

Chelsea Prince, Principal                                                               Patti Lemaire, Vice Principal

Did you see our survey?

SD83 recently sent an email and survey to all our parents (with an email listed with their children’s school). By any chance did we miss you?

With the positive news about the decline in COVID-19 comes recent direction from the Ministry of Education to re-open our schools effective June 1, 2020, to provide additional in-class instruction. Parents will still have the option of keeping their children at home, and some home learning opportunities will continue on-line until the end of the school year.

Stage 3 of the Ministry plan allows for students in kindergarten to grade five to attend up to two to three days per week, with students in grades six through twelve attending up to one day per week. Schools will be open five days a week for children of Tier 1 Essential Services Workers and students requiring additional supports. Busing will be available with capacity limits in place.

We are following all Health and Safety Guidelines from the Provincial Health Officer, WorkSafe BC and the Ministry of Education in order to ensure that our schools are safe places to learn and to work. These guidelines include having no more than 50% of students in attendance in grades K-5 and no more than 20% of students in grades 6-12 at any given time.

In order to meet all of the Health and Safety Guidelines, including the limits described above, we will need to know which students will be returning to schools in the coming weeks. Additional surveys for students in grades 6-12 will follow shortly, as will other surveys to gather more specific information as June 1st draws closer.



Thank you!

Grad Ceremony Information

To our PVSS Grad Families,

We hope you are doing well as you adjust to the new realities of our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are all working together to ensure that safety is the highest priority at this time.

We are excited to let you know that we have a plan in place for recognizing the milestone that our students have reached. We are working with a video production company to create a video of the graduation ceremony.  The filming will take place on Thursday, May 28, so students must be available that day. They will each be given a window of time to come to the school, put on their caps and gowns, and be filmed crossing the stage to receive a certificate. Our valedictorians (yet to be chosen) will also need to be here at another point that day to give their speeches. The production company will piece together the footage to create a video of the ceremony. We will be posting this video on the internet for you and your family members to view.

In addition, we have booked Starlight Drive-In for the evening of June 17, which was our original Graduation Ceremony date. Each graduate will be given a ticket to have one vehicle at the Drive-In to view the ceremony on the big screen. Please contact us if that is a hardship for you because of your family structure but be aware that there are limited spaces. This is a school-sponsored family event. Please do not wear formal wear, and remember that this is an important achievement for all of our students and their families. In recognition of the fact that both you and your families have been waiting for this time, please ensure that the expectations are followed. The concession will be open and washrooms are available. Families and students must stay in their allotted space other than using the washroom or one person going to the concession. Strict social distancing rules will be in effect for the protection of our families and the Drive-In staff, and because this is a school event, all school rules about the possession and use of drugs and alcohol are still in place. Please see the following page for the expectations at the Drive-In.

In support of expectations from the Provincial Health Office, we anticipate that all graduates will go home after the Drive-In. We strongly discourage all gatherings in addition to this one gathering at the Drive-In.

If you have not yet paid your grad fees, please do so as soon as possible. There is a significant outlay of funds for the yearbook, caps and gowns, the production company, and rental of the Drive-In.

All students in the Grad class will be sent an invitation to a Grad 2020 Students Microsoft Team this afternoon to share and gather information. Please tell your children to check their inboxes for these invitations.

We will send out additional information soon about the filming. Please contact the school if you have questions.


Chelsea Prince, Principal                                                               Patti Lemaire, Vice Principal


Information from the Starlight Drive-In:

The following are the highlights of our operational changes.

  • Limited Attendance:Capacity has been reduced drastically to accommodate social distancing. Each car will be given 20 feet of parking space. You will need to park, as directed, in the middle of said parking spot and will not be permitted to move once parked. Some of the things that people enjoy the most, open hatches, trucks parked backwards, along with sitting outside will all still be allowed – but please stay within the confines of your 20 foot parking stall.
  • Limited Hours:The gates will only open 1 hour before the first show in order to get everyone parked and situated safely, this also shortens your total time at the drive in.
  • Limited Activities:Some of the activities you enjoyed in the past won’t be possible until social distancing rules are relaxed, for example: ball playing, walking your dog, visiting between vehicles
  • Facilities:Washrooms in the concession will have social distancing measures including limited capacity and additional porta-potties will be on site
  • Concession Changes:Limited products will be available at the start the season which may be expanded depending on the success of our social distancing changes. Guests are asked to send one person from their vehicle to concession to minimize risk.

Please follow directions given by our team at all times, and be kind and patient with one another. We’re all working through this mess together. With a little extra effort, we’ll be able to continue welcoming everyone to movies, as they should be – under the stars!

School District Emails and Using Microsoft Teams

In preparation for learning, we would like to ask all students to check their junk mail and their School District No. 83 email account. Please see the instructions below in regards to accessing your school district email account. These instructions will show you how to access student emails for SD83 students. Every SD83 student has an SD83 email.

Student emails all follow the same pattern of the school network username (first four letters of the student’s last name plus the student’s first initial plus the last two digits in the student’s birth year) followed by

For example, a student named John Smith born in 2004 would have the email:

The student’s password is the same password they use to access our school networks as well. Our students use these usernames and passwords frequently, so this should be familiar to almost everyone. If you are having trouble, please contact the office.

Most of our teachers are using ‘TEAMS’ to share learning resources and to video conference with students.

If a student is finding that their school district email account is not working or they are unable to sign in, this may be because the student & parent/guardian has not given permission to use the network and the District cloud consent on Parent Connect. Once it is signed, it will take 24 hours to activate the account.

If you are unable to access Parent Connect, we can accept verbal consent over the phone or via email. Please contact the office if you are having any trouble with this.

MICROSOFT TEAMS – Info Document for Parents – SD83

Supporting essential services

Part of the government’s direction to school districts during this challenging time is to provide some support for the children of Tier 1 essential service workers who have no other child care options. This has caused some confusion with parents as many are on the essential services list, but not necessarily in the Tier 1 group. Hopefully the following information will help provide clarity.

Click on this link for more details.