PVSS Back to School Update

We hope everyone has managed to enjoy everything our area has to offer this summer, even with the current COVID siutation.  Our last regular day of school was March 13, right before our Spring Vacations, and we are very much looking forward to having students back at school starting Thursday September 10th

The Ministry of Education’s announcement of cohort sizes of 120 students at the secondary school level represents a significant change in practice for most secondary schools in the province, PVSS included.  To limit the number of contacts each student has, PVSS will be operating under a quarter system for upcoming school year.  This means that students will take two classes at a time (for Quarter 1) and these two classes will meet every school day for just over 10 weeks. The start and end times of our school day will not change (Start – 9:10 am, End – 3:26 pm).  After 10 weeks, Quarter 2 will begin, and students will take another two classes.  The school year will have 4 quarters.

Because PVSS was operating on a different timetable with five blocks a day (usually four classes and one learning centre), we had to completely rebuild the timetable and load students into classes. This means the schedules that we provided in June WILL NOT be the schedules that students follow in September.

We have successfully rebuilt the timetable, and we are now working hard to ensure that students have their required classes, full timetables, and most of the other courses they requested. We have already had a few requests for course change appointments, but we ask that you wait to see what the new schedules are before booking those appointments. Later this week, we will post the student schedules on MyEducationBC, and reset all of the passwords. Because of the way our system works, password instructions will be sent to School District student emails. We will send out additional information about this when we are ready to post the schedules. We know that MyEducationBC is a new system for our students and families, and it can sometimes be very frustrating trying to log in. Luckily, the school office is now open, so we will be available to help you log in. 

In addition to rescheduling students, we are busy developing site specific safety procedures to ensure that we are providing the safest environment possible for our students and staff.

In the coming weeks, please continue to watch your emails and check the website for updated information regarding our safety plan, student schedules, and first day expectations.

Although this school year will look different from any other, it is the people that make the experience of education engaging and memorable.  We have a caring and dedicated staff at PVSS and an amazing group of students. We are excited about going to back to school and can’t wait to welcome our students back in the building full time.  

Thank you for your patience through all the unknowns during this time and we look forward to providing more updates in the near future.

New info on school start up

In this unusual year, SD83 would like to share what information we currently have, and hopefully answer some questions our parents may have about the new school year.

When will my child begin school?
The Ministry of Education has announced there will be a staggered start to the new school year to give everyone time to become familiar with the new safety protocols.

School District No. 83 staff will report to their schools on Tuesday, September 8 for safety orientations and planning sessions.

Students will report to schools on Thursday, September 10 for their welcoming and safety orientation sessions. Regular learning will commence as soon as appropriate routines are established. School staff will communicate any changes to student schedules. Graduated entry for Kindergarten will still occur in its usual manner.

What is a Learning Group or Cohort?
Through the direction of our Public Health Officer (PHO), the BC Ministry of Education has established learning group limits for regular student interactions that occur inside our buildings. Schools are expected to adhere to this expectation for all learning activities, or establish additional safety protocols, including social distancing. Staff that work with more than one cohort of students will also have to adhere to these safety protocols.
Click here for information on Learning Groups/Cohorts

Will the school buses be running?
School District No. 83 will continue to offer bus services. In late August all bus students will receive a postcard in the mall with a stop location and pick up and drop off times. If you are new to the district and qualify for busing please contact our transportation office at 250-832-9415 to register your child for busing. Please contact the transportation department if you don’t receive yours or if your mailing address has changed.

Please note that additional safety protocols are being finalized for all bus routes. These will likely include seating plans, use of masks for riders in grades four through twelve, as well as PPE for the drivers. Submission of regular health checks may also be required.

Will the school district be staggering school day start and end times?
Changes to school start and end of day times are not being contemplated at this time, as many of our students ride to school on our interlocking bus schedule. However, break and lunch times may be staggered in some schools to reduce hallway, playground, and common area interactions.

What is happening at the high schools?
High schools are currently investigating timetable options to limit the number of contacts. At this time, some secondary schools in School District No. 83 are considering the use of the quarter system, where students would take two courses a day for ten weeks. To meet the cohort requirements determined by the PHO, but still allow students to stay enrolled in their currently selected course options, some of our larger schools may have to divide the student population into groups, having students attend in-person on certain days and work from home the other days. Secondary leadership teams are currently working on this issue and will notify families as plans are nearer to completion.

What health guidelines are being put in place?
The plan and protocols are being updated and will be posted on the district website (www.sd83.bc.ca ) by August 26.
Click here to view the COVID-19 Public Health Guidelines for K-12 School Settings

Will there be “health checks” like there were in June
Parents of bus students may be required to submit health checks, but otherwise, health check forms will not be required. However, it is extremely important that parents pay close attention to the health of their children and keep them at home if they are sick or symptomatic. More information is available here.

Our family has an immune compromised member and we don’t think our children should attend school. What are our options?
School District No. 83 is focusing on making our schools as safe as possible for all students. However, if are uncomfortable having your child return to regular learning, you may wish to consider some other options.

School District No. 83 currently has an online option for students in Grades 9-12 known as the Education Outreach Program (EOP). Students in EOP are supplied assignments and resources (such as textbooks and learning activities) as well as some access to a local teacher, but the program is primarily self-directed. The Education Outreach Program currently offers a wide range of online courses to students on a full-time or cross-enrolled basis in Grades 9-12.

School District No. 83 previously offered an Education Outreach Program option to elementary and middle schools student, but it was closed due to lack of demand. We will reopen this program option for the duration of the pandemic if there is sufficient interest. For more information regarding the EOP program, or to express your interest in registering, please contact Education Outreach Principal Rob Macaulay at rmacaula@sd83.bc.ca

Note that the Home Learning Opportunities program that School District No. 83 provided through June will not be available this coming year. Parents who are interested in homeschooling their children may wish to visit this website:

What about music/band/choir/musical theatre?
At this time, all programs will be carrying on as previously planned. However, there music-specific safety protocols and scheduling to allow for sufficient physical distancing for classes outside the set cohort numbers that still need to be worked out. Expect further communication from your school prior to start-up.

Students with special needs?
Students with special needs will be given full access to learning and supports, as they would in a non-pandemic context. For more information about your child’s program or to request an individual meeting or orientation, please contact your school.

What about extra-curricular activities (clubs/sports)
Schools may continue clubs if cohorts or physical distancing can remain intact. The Fall interschool sports schedule has been cancelled. The remaining seasons of play will be re-evaluated throughout the year. https://www.bcschoolsports.ca/news/planning-return-play-fall-2020

Community use of school facilities?
After hours community use of facilities will be allowed in the fall providing they are in full alignment with health and safety measures.

Further Information
Further information will be provided via the School District No. 83 website over the coming weeks, including the full District Safety Plan. You can also expect a survey confirming your student’s intentions to attend school and/or utilize bus transportation for September.
Additional links from the Ministry of Education and Public Health
Ministry of Education Return To School Information
BC Centre for Disease Control website with the most recent information on school safety and child care safety protocols.
The BC Centre for Disease Control’s COVID-19 dashboard
7 Tips for talking to kids about COVID-19 poster on the Fraser Health website 
All joint statements from Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry and Minister of Health Adrian Dix are posted here
The Provincial Pandemic Coordination plan
Click here for complete SD83 newsletter

Planning for new school year

After last week’s announcement that schools will be in Stage 2 (full return to in-class instruction with safety modifications and protocols) of the Revised Five Stage Framework for K-12 Education, some PVSS families are probably wondering what that might look like.

Since the announcement, we have been looking at adjusting timetabling and processes to support the new learning group/cohort model (120 at secondary) which was announced by the Ministry of Education Rob Fleming and Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry.

What we know for sure at this point is that there will be full time school for secondary school students, and that our timetable will likely look quite different than it usually does. SD83 school buses will be running with safety protocols in place (specific details will be determined and shared in the coming weeks). We will send out information to our families by August 26 at the latest with details around this.

Links for further information:

Please continue to check our website for any further updates. More detailed information will be sent directly to parents and staff as we draw closer to school start up and plans are finalized.

We hope you are having a healthy and happy summer!

The office will be open beginning August 31.

Student Schedules are Posted in MyED!


How to Log In to MyEd Student Portal

If you would like to see what courses you are in, you can log into MyEducationBC to take a look. Here’s the link: MyEducationBC Log-In.

Passwords were just reset because many had expired since the last reset. Check your student emails to find password reset information. Here’s the link to your email:  Student Email Access.

To log into your email, you need to enter your email address (username@student.sd83.bc.ca) and your password (your regular student password here at school).

See the documents above for more information.

Have a great summer!